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Friday, October 30, 2009

Laurie Liption, graphite artist of the dead

No bones about it, I like skulls and skeletons. There is a Celtic Skull on my desk as I write this. A nearby book has a skull bookmarker. The t-shirt I am wearing has skulls that form the shape of a skull. My belt is a skull with a moveable jaw. My wallet has a skull. My motorcycle key is a skull. You get the idea.

Maybe its because I'm a biker. Bikers love skulls and skeletons. Skulls and skeletons represent mortality, fear, every human's end. But, I think my love of bones goes back to my childhood when I was into Halloween and all things "horror-full." Skeletons are scaaaaaary!

Last Halloween my blog was about artist Chris Mars, whose creepy paintings fit the Halloween mood. This Halloween I offer to you Laurie Lipton, a self-taught artist, whose medium is graphite or pencil. Skeletons are a major subject of her meticulously rendered drawings. You can find her work at her official website (www.laurielipton.com) or in her new book that can be purchased at Beinart International Surreal Art Collective (http://beinart.org).

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