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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Hyper-realistic Sculptors: Ron Mueck, Jamie Salmon, Sam Jinks, Thomas Kuebler, Evan Penny

I remember from art classes back in the 60s realist sculptors like Duane Hanson, who created figures of common people in everyday life situations. There is a new generation of hyperrealist sculptors, like Ron Mueck, Jamie Salmon, Sam Jinks, Evan Penny, and Thomas Kuebler who are taking sculpture in amazingly realistic, creative, and dimensional directions.

One of my earliest encounters with hyper or superrealism was at the age of 19 (1968) when I saw the large close up paintings of Chuck Close in LA. My preference is realism in art and I am particularly amazed at the technical skills of superrealist artists. They are creating sculptures that mimic in exacting detail human figures, stretching and altering dimensions, sculpting wierd and humorous figures, and playing with the scale from small to huge in size.

Below are three examples of my favorite hyperrealistics sculptures in order by: Ron Mueck, Jamie Salmon, Sam Jinks, Thomas Kuebler, and Evan Penny.

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