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Monday, May 2, 2011

Drew Struzan: Movie Poster Illustrator

The artistic style of Drew Struzan is easily recognizable. His illustrations for movies are detailed, colorful, well designed, and the likenesses of the stars are uncanny! Struzan attended Art Center College of Design in LA, where I visited and dreamed of attending when I lived in LA at the age of 19. He has done more than 150 posters and countles illustrations with an unforgettable style and precision. A book on his art and another on his posters is available at Amazon.


  1. One of my favorite illustrators of all time, right along with JC Leyendecker, Normal Rockwell and contemporary fine artist but previously illustrator Morgan Weistling.

    Thanks for posting these excellent examples of his design and illustration.

    "Design the light" —Drew Struzan, speaking to an illustrator over his shoulder as he worked on movie comps, 1987.

  2. He's an amazing artist, if at times he does seem like he's just doing fancy tracing...

    Cool blog. Anabaptist biker? Hard to imagine Menno Simons on a Harley... :)