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Thursday, June 2, 2011

N.C. Wyeth: American Artist and Illustrator

Newell Convers Wyeth was an outstanding pupil of the renowned illustrator Howard Pyle and became one of the best American illustrators. Pyle taught him his own detailed realism with an atmosphere of romanticism, while Wyeth developed a looser style. Wyeth was taught to be historically accururate in his illustrations. His first commissioned work was for the Saturday Evening Post at the age of 21!

Wyeth settled in Chadd's Ford, PA near the historic Brandywine battlefield. I used to pass by this area frequently on my way to the Philadelphia airport from Lancaster and have visited the Brandywine River Museum which exhibits the works of the Wyeth family. I knew the work of N.C.'s son, Andrew Wyeth, from college art history classes before I knew about his father and the work of his grandson, Jamie.

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  1. N C Wyeth has long been a favorite artist of mine. Ever seen an of his works in a gallery? They are BREATH-TAKING.

    What used to frustrate me endlessly in college was studying art history of the 20th century and all you'd hear about was Picasso and Duchamp and their silliness, but to me the greats were people like Wyeth, who were champions as artists.